Below are details of our 2015 events and meetings.

19th January AGM

Wax Chandler’s Hall
Sunday 11th April (TBC) Oxbridge Watermen’s Challenge

Start Hammersmith Bridge
(Full regalia ~ Canopies , 4 oars with coxswain & passenger)
Details TBC
HW @ LB 18.04 GMT
Saturday 16th May Tudor Pull

Hampton Court Palace to HM Tower of London
(Full regalia ~ Canopies, 4 oars with coxswain & passenger)
HW @ RB 14.24 BST
LW @ LB 19.51 BST
13-15th June Magna Carta Celebrations

Runnymede Meadow, Egham, Surrey
Details TBC
Wednesday 24th June Admiral of the Port Race

Start Westminster 19.00
(Full regalia ~ Canopies, 4 oars with coxswain & 2 passengers)
HW @ LB 19:44 BST
Monday 27th July Port of London Challenge

Start HQS Wellington 19.00
(NO Canopy, 6 oared, coxswain & passenger)
LW @ LB 16.50 BST
Saturday 1st August Doggett’s Coat & Badge 300th Race

11.00 to 11.30 start
HW LB 13:34 BST
Saturday 12th September Great River Race

HW @ LB 14:26 BST

Saturday 14th November Lord Mayor’s Show Flotilla

WBB, Pimlico 08:30 to RNR HMS President
(Full regalia ~ Canopies, 4 oars, coxswain & passengers)
LW@LB 09:30 GMT